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Plastik fil-baħar

M’għandnix għalfejn inmorru wisq il’bogħod biex nirealiżżaw kemm hi serja l-problema tal-abbundanza ta’ plastik li nsibu fil-baħar.

Dan ir-ritratt meħud minn Jeremy Cardona juri xena xejn pjaċevoli f’pajjiżna. Irrid infakkar li fl-aħħar xhur kelmuni sajjieda rikreattivi li qasmu miegħi il-preokupazzjoni tagħhom fuq il-preżenza ta’ plastik u xbieki abbandunati fil-baħar u l-effett dirett li jħalli fuq id-delizzju tagħhom.

Fl-ahhar xhur rajna wkoll filmati ta’ persuni Maltin li sabu fkieren maqbuda fix-xbieki u plastik fl-ibħra Maltin.

Jekk ma nieħdu l-ebda azzjoni, sal-2050 se jkun hemm aktar plastik milli ħut fl-oċeani. Billi pajjiżna huwa mdawwar bil-baħar, aħna l-Maltin għandna inkunu speċjalment imħassba dwar din l-istatistika.

Illum fil-Parlament Ewropew ivvutajna favur miżuri sabiex il-plastik li jintuża darba biss jiġi ipprojbixxit fis-snin li ġejjin (2021) kif ukoll miżuri sabiex niġġieldu kontra l-apparat tas-sajd bħal xbieki u materjal tal-plastik li jintilfu fil-baħar.

Il-miżuri li qegħdin nitolbu għandhom l-għan li jnaqqsu l-iskart tal-plastik. Dawn huma inizjattivi tajbin sabiex inkunu nistgħu ngħixu f’ambjent aħjar fejn il-plastik ma jkunx aktar ta’ tħassib għas-soċjetà u għall-ħajja marittima.

Audiovisual Directive

Just a few years ago you would never think that you would be able to watch your favourite shows via the internet or even your mobile device. Thanks to the diversity of ways to watch your favourite shows there has been an increase in consumer internet traffic due to more daily viewings.

Audiovisual media is also a service, therefore it should abide by the rules of the European Single Market.

Instead of sitting in front of the main TV in the household, many Europeans especially youth, watch content online, on demand and on different mobile devices. With all these developments in the recent years it led to the new Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which is coming soon.

This is a new deal set up between the European Commission, the EU Council and the European Parliament.

So, how does this benefit you?

This has finally led to a level of protection for internet media services similar to that for traditional broadcast media.

Some of the most significant cornerstones of the new audiovisual media rules:

1. Quotas for European works will be 30% for both TV service providers and video-on-demand service providers and video-on-demand service providers in their catalogues (“Netflix quotas”).

2. Furthermore, a level of protection for internet media services was negotiated which is similar to that of traditional broadcast media. This means that you will get equal protection whether you are watching a movie on traditional TV or on on-demand TV.

3. Broadcasters are now required to put measures in place which will effectively reduce children’s exposure to publicity for unhealthy food and beverages. Rules of transparency for advertising will now also apply to video-sharing platforms. This was one of our main goals to protect our consumers against excessive advertising.

4. The existing rules already cover traditional TV broadcasters and video on-demand services. The revised version will now cover video-sharing platforms.

5. Services such as YouTube and social media like Facebook will fall under the scope of the revised Directive.

6. Rules will be enhanced against hate speech and public provocation to commit terrorist offences, that prohibit incitement to violence or hatred and provocation to commit terrorist offences in audiovisual media services as well as on video-sharing platforms.

Now not only does the new directive provide you with more European content, your children can now watch their shows in a safe and protective manner and you are not prone to excessive advertising! What more could you possibly want? Enjoy the diversity of shows coming on a screen near you!

PN integrating youth into politics!

We have just launched the programme entitled “Future Leaders” which is aimed at youth between the ages 14-25.

If you fall within this age bracket then you are some of the few that can sign up for a great opportunity!

You will be offered training by AZAD in collaboration with Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

This programme compliment’s Party Leader Adrian Delia’s vision for the PN to be a Young party.

By applying for this great opportunity, you will be trained in:

  • Communications

  • Use of social media

  • Art of Political Speech

  • Analysis of political arguments

  • Political campaigns

Future Leaders will kick of from the beginning of November until the first auarter of 2019, free of charge.

If you are interested, then do not miss out on this opportunity. Either send an email to or fill in the online application found on . Applications close on 14th October.

We look forward to seeing you on board!


By being an EU citizen you are enjoying many rights, but do you know them?

First of all your travel rights! Once in a while, everyone experiences a delay when travelling, but by being an EU citizen you are entitled to compensation for the delay of your flight. When your flight is cancelled, the airline has to provide:

  • Alternative transport or

  • Re-routing to the final destination at the earliest convenience and subject to availability, or

  • Offer reimbursement of the full cost of the unused ticket segments

Besides this, you are also entitled to meals and refreshments depending on the time you spend waiting.

If your flight is taking off the day after, the airline should also offer you hotel accommodation and you should also be provided with transport from the hotel to the airport.

When a flight delay lasts longer than 3 hours you are entitled up to 600 euro depending on the distance travelled.

Take a look below to see what are your passenger rights for other modes of transport:

  • Travelling by train? Know your rights ->

  • Travelling by bus and coach? Know your rights ->

  • Travelling by ship? Know your rights ->

Car rentals!

Some people like to go on an adventure and rent a car whilst visiting somewhere new but you need to keep in mind that there are no specific rules in terms of renting a car but you are still entitled to consumer rights.

When renting a car they always need to be covered by a third-party liability insurance, which is valid in all EU countries.

Swimming free!

Last and not least one important thing to most of us in Malta are the beaches and the quality of the water!

Bathing water quality across Europe has improved since the standards were set by the first EU Water Directive (76/160/EEC) in the 1070s.

The Blue Flags are an Eco-label awarded to beaches and marinas with good environmental management. Thanks to EU funding, we now have cleaner and safer beaches, which we can enjoy all year round!


The area of work is of crucial importance to each citizen, that is why the EPP Group has made it a priority to safeguard the rights of workers. Since I have been appointed to act as rapporteur for my group I will keep doing whatever I can to safeguard the rights of workers in Malta and Gozo. Specifically, when this focuses on mobility from one job to another and also safety at the workplace.

In fact, I will be dealing with two reports related to workers. The first one focuses on the protection of workers from risks related to carcinogens or mutagens at work. This report will build upon the already existing directive.

The second report focuses on establishing a European Labour Authority, which will ensure that EU rules on labour mobility are enforced, fair and simple. Besides this, citizens will also be entitled to receiving information on their rights and obligations.

Besides this, I am also currently working on a file which deals with the working conditions of employees. This file focuses on probation periods, working hours, work training and rules concerning parallel employment. A few days ago, I met with stakeholders, which includes workers’ representatives and also businesses to make sure that their views are reflected inthis legislation.

Employees should be respected for the work they carry out. We want to make sure that we can establish transparent working conditions for all workers. I will endeavour to see that the rights of Maltese workers are reflected in this legislation whilst also safeguarding our businesses from unnecessary burden.


Recycling is of great importance nowadays to protect our environment. The Committee responsible for the Environment in the European Parliament has established 4 new rules to set new targets to recycle waste and reduce the use of landfills!

Encouraging you to recycle is of great importance not only for the environment but also for our future generations. We want our families in the future to be able to still make use of these raw materials. If we manage to deal with this together, it will still be possible to find raw materials within the EU. If we keep going at this rate, we would need to start acquiring these raw materials from countries like China.

Can you believe that Malta is actually last place in terms of recycling? In recent years, the low percentage of 8% dropped to 6.7% making it the lowest in all of the EU. The EU on average in 2015 had an average of 45% recycled waste, which is much higher than what Malta is currently recycling. Ideally, as a Member State, we need to reach a target of 50% by the year 2020, which is not going to happen.


Many of us nowadays purchase a lot of goods online, but it is hard for you to know whether these goods are faulty or not, resulting in you taking a risk! This will no longer be the case thanks to new measures being taken at EU Level through harmonisation of the level of protection in the case of faulty goods.

This is a great achievement for online and other types of distance sales of goods. It focuses on providing equal consumer rights to all EU Member States. Currently, due to differences in national contract law, it tends to hinder cross-border trade and no one wants to deal with such complications! Therefore, the EU is trying to make this procedure as simple as can be for you, both as a consumer or business!

The EPP Group within the European Parliament, the political group which I form part of, took a step forward and even made the law more favourable for you, the consumer! Instead of only having 6 months to prove that the good was faulty, you will now have one year! This not only favours the consumers but also the small business, as they too are crucial to the internal market. With the reduction of legal barriers, small companies are given the chance to get their fair share next to bigger companies such as Amazon!

Now when you purchase online, you will feel more at ease as the EU has improved safety when purchasing online for both the consumer and businesses! Cannot wait to have this law in place! This is another reason which confirms how the EU can make a difference in our day to day lifestyle, we want you to purchase online without any worries, as it should be!


1.      YouTube presents great opportunities for creative minds.
Those who are into music, DIY, cooking or travel experts, for instance, can share their talents or views online across the world through video. Vlogging has also grown in popularity where people vlog about their opinions or talents.

2.      It gives you the chance first hand to learn how to develop your OWN YouTube channel.
By Joining MEP Francis Zammit Dimech at this innovative event you will be given the chance to discuss and be trained by YouTube experts on what it takes to be the next YouTuber!

3.      You will get the chance to meet with the Founder of the Malta YouTube Community, Fabian Borg.
Fabian started a petition for Google to include Malta in the YouTube Partner Program. This program allows people that create videos on YouTube to be paid when reaching a certain amount of views in exchange for enabling adverts to showcase on their channels. Get the chance to discuss this with Fabian on the 16th of March!

4.      You will be given the chance to discuss with an Italian web creator who became SUCCESSFUL through YouTube!
This will provide you with the opportunity to ask and discuss with someone who gained success from YouTube. You can gain tips that can change or even encourage you to start your own channel overnight

.5.      You get trained by YouTube experts! This is literally the best you can get!
What more could you want? You will be given the chance to learn from the best on how to make the most out of YouTube. Do not worry if you are experienced or not, as different levels will be presented, whether for fun or pure business, this event has got you covered!Just hearing the word YouTube should interest you enough to join this great event! This is a great opportunity for people of any age! Take the leap or improve your YouTube channel by heading down to the University of Malta, Valletta Campus on Friday the 16th of March from 16.00-19:00pm. Once the event is over there will be a reception where you can engage with fellow participants and speakers of the event. Do not miss out on such a great, unique and once in a lifetime opportunity!