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Francis Zammit Dimech

Member of the European Parliament

Francis Zammit Dimech was elected to the European Parliament in 2017. Previously he served in various roles in the Government of Malta, including Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Communications, Minister for Transport and Communications, Minister for the Environment, Minister for Resources and Infrastructure, Minister for Tourism, Minister for Tourism and Culture and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Prior to Malta’s EU accession, Zammit Dimech served as Member of the EU-Malta Joint Parliamentary Committee. Throughout his 30-year stint as Member of the Parliament of Malta, Zammit Dimech also served as Chairman of the Foreign and European Affairs Committee and was member of the Maltese Parliamentary Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Zammit Dimech also served in various organisations, including as President of the University Students Council (KSU) and Vice-President of the Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC) – the Federation of Christian Democrat and Conservative youth organisations in Europe. Zammit Dimech has been heavily involved in the Nationalist Party as President of the youth branch and later on as Information Secretary, President of the Administrative Council and member of the Executive Committee.

Born in 1954, Zammit Dimech is a lawyer by profession. He graduated in Law and holds an M.A. in Financial Services from the University of Malta. He also read an MBA from the University of Reading, UK. Zammit Dimech was involved in various journalistic activities and nowadays lectures on European Media Law at the University of Malta. He is also a PhD candidate in the field of public broadcasting. Among other responsibilities assumed as MEP, Zammit Dimech has been entrusted as EPP Group Rapporteur on Media Freedom and Pluralism in the European Union within the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT).



Needs to remain the benchmark by which to judge a politician’s work due to the fact that integrity is about being of service to others as opposed to serving oneself.


Needs to remain an integral requirement for politics – it is what makes a difference in a person’s and a nation’s reputation. Let us always stand up and be counted in favour of truth – a value that can never be lost sight of or cherished enough.


Does matter in politics. Having served as a Member of the Parliament of Malta for thirty years, clearly makes a difference. Politics is only satisfying as long as it is looked upon as being a lifelong mission.